What Is E-Readiness Of A Country?

E-readiness of a country depends on the strength of its information and communications technology infrastructure. The e-readiness of a country refers to the ability of a state to utilize information and communication technology (ICT) for sustainable welfare and development. It is measured by the extent and quality of ICT infrastructure, e-skills, and relevant regulations. E-readiness has become…
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American and European schools differ in many ways

The difference between US schooling and European schooling is like day and night. With completely different curriculums and styles of teaching overseas, the outcomes are much different than in the States. While there are many similarities, there are huge…

Gerüchte wurden von Federer bestätigt

Switzerland steht seine bislang härteste Zeit bevor. Roger bestätigt die Gerüchte Wer sagt, dass Eis nur im Sommer gut ist? Die ersten Blätter sind abgefallen, und Milan ändert seine Farbe wieder in die goldenen Farbtöne, die uns am besten gefallen. Ich habe…

Architecture In Bhutan: 5 Iconic Buildings You Must Drop By On Your Vacation

Bhutan consists of numerous spectacular religious buildings. The most striking feature of the country is the consistency in its architecture. This consistencyis seen throughout the Dzongs (fortress), the Lhakhangs (temples), the Chortens (stupas) and even the regular houses. It is an astonishing fact that the architects of Bhutan never used a plan while designing structures and that is one…
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Top 10 Strongest Animals In The World

It is not a different thing that some animals are really very strong because they have a biggest and heaviest bodies. But different and interesting thing is this some of the below list are not very heavy in physical appearance but thy are strong in their work. Here the…

What It's Like to Be the Only Resident in a Pop. 1 Town

Elsie Eiler pays taxes to herself and grants her own liquor license as the mayor, bartender, librarian and sole resident of Monowi, Nebraska. Elsie Eiler tells me I caught her in the right frame of mind the day I rang her up at her tavern. As the last remaining resident…